Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How Many Projects Is Too Many Projects?

Like most quilters, I suppose, I tend to work on several projects at a time. The second I get bored with one, I switch to another to avoid complete disinterest in another long-term project. One of the ones I keep coming back to is this fun little lap quilt.

It's the picnic quilt setting from Lori Holt's great (and addictive!) book, Farm Girl Vintage. I've had the book since it was released about a year ago, and I'm still making projects from it. I wanted a simpler block since I was going to be making fifty-two of them -- some 6" and some 12" -- so I went with the crystal star block, a modified version of the simple star block.

I used fabrics from some of my favorite designers: Lori Holt, Pam Kitty Morning, Lecien, and Ellis & Higgs among others. I love how scrappy it is and that it's so bright and colorful. All that's left to do on the top is to attach the borders, and then off to the quilter she goes! One of my local quilt shops, Millie P's, always does a great job quilting them on the long arm. Smaller projects I'm willing to tackle myself, but for bigger projects (and when I'm feeling exceptionally lazy and impatient) I will gladly hand over my dough to the professionals and let them do it.

Once I attach the borders, I'll have a better quality image of the finished top. After that, it's back to one of the eight(!) or so other projects I've got on the back burner.

Today I'm also linking up to one of my favorite pattern designers, Lorna McMahon at Sew Fresh Quilts. She created the pattern for this reindeer block that I used to make these pillows.

Until next time, a glass of wine and Chinese takeout is calling my name...


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! The top is done, and I'm thrilled that I can move on to another project. :)

  2. You are like most of the quilters I run into out here in blogland, Dan. Everyone seems to have that same philosophy of having many projects on the go. Hey... I've tried it, but I can't manage to keep my focus. Your Crystal Star blocks are bright and beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

    1. I assumed I'd be like you are. My general rule in life is to finish one thing before moving on to another. My Aunt Carol is a remarkable quilt, and I wondered why it didn't drive her crazy to work on multiple projects at once. Now I get it. The ol' eyes bigger than your stomach...or whatever the sewing equivalent is. Thanks for the encouragement, Lorna!

  3. I, too, work on more than one project at a time! Your projects are great!