Monday, March 28, 2016

Beagle Beagle Quilts is (Sort Of) a Go!

Hello! Thank you for visiting my brand new blog. It is - obviously - very much a work in-progress, and I will be making improvements in the coming weeks. I'm just getting the layout started and I'm not finished with it, but I know that if I wait until I am completely satisfied with the look, it would never happen. Until then, it's partially wack and partially the Mack. Really bad rhyme. Really, really bad. Nonetheless, here we go!

As the name suggests, I'll focus on my beagles (I have two - Audrey and Rita)...

...but mostly on my quilting.

The dogs keep me sane (while simultaneously driving me bonkers); the quilting keeps me focused. We've had beagles as part of our lives since 1996, and I don't know that that'll ever change. I learned to quilt at the same time I learned to sew, about two and a half years ago. Most of my creative energy goes into well as my hard earned dough. I could've picked a cheaper hobby, but I love it!

I'll do my best to update at least weekly, and you can also expect occasional posts on cooking and photography.

See ya 'round!


  1. Welcome to the quilting blogger world, Dan! Looking forward to seeing more of Audrey and Rita, who are both so adorable.... But mostly looking forward to sharing your quilting journey and seeing what you are sewing!

    1. Thank you so much, Lorna. I love following you on Instagram and now Blogger. Once I figure things out a little better, I'll follow up with your Let's Bee Social link. Thank you for inviting me.